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In response to: Poodles. I don't get it.

Comment from: Janet Smith [Visitor]
Janet Smith

Poodles are second in intelligence only to Border Collies. They are beautiful, loyal, loveable dogs. Perhaps you just are not smart enough to be a poodle owner.

04/13/14 @ 20:08

In response to: Poodles. I don't get it.

Comment from: Bec [Visitor]

Amen to that, honestly poodles are the ugliest dogs I’ve ever seen. Not only look wise, but also personality wise too. I’ve been bitten more by those horrendous beasts than by pitbulls or even doberman dogs.

And I get even more pissed thanks to this preppy neighbor I’ve got, she has two of those demons ( frequently dyed in gross neon colors, eugh!!) and they always try to attack my German Sheperd mix. He’s adopted, has been abused and abandoned BUT somehow manages to have better behaviour than them??

You want a good dog? Don’t get one of these, you’ll regret it all your damn life. Adopt a mixed breed, all those I’ve met are amazing dogs.

06/16/13 @ 19:45

In response to: Poodles. I don't get it.

Comment from: Reicha [Visitor]  

Hi , look ill start off by saying I laughed at your post and then laughed at the comments hurling abuse at you , because you are my past and they are my now .
I didn’t like poodles as any interaction with them was not enjoyable snappy and nasty little creatures I thought. Probably due to a elderly neighbour s poodle names peppy a grey poodle when I was a teen, but one day my daughter brought home a poodle pup , they are so smart it’s not funny , we had a dog and I can’t believe how dumb other breeds are in comparison , Eli my now best friend is a protective companion and generally if I don’t like someone he picks it up and will growl ( bit of a telltale ) this dog is a cross between a cat and human! The only dog I’ve come across with a sense of humour ( poodle owners are nodding ) for you I would suggest a husky also a smart dog but stand of fish won’t care if you don’t but very loyal and will give you the love you obviously need ! Have a great life!
Ps poodles hair is like human so if you didn’t wash or cut your hair you would end up with dreads and sores on your scalp. Same goes for them ! My poodle laughed at your post too, but never wants that square cut lol

06/02/13 @ 23:00

In response to: Poodles. I don't get it.

Comment from: Trisha [Visitor]  

I actually think the complete opposite of what you posted. I happen to think Standard Poodles are one of the most beautiful breeds among dogs. They are so majestic and have a nice posture.. They were bred as waterretrievers .. (hence de name poodle : german pudle for puddle) I think they are similar to Azawakhs and Sloughi’s … I’m actually considering to buy one when I move out.. They are very smart creatures!

05/10/13 @ 14:02

In response to: The Liger

Comment from: Madeline Duhaime [Visitor]
Madeline Duhaime

Yes I do remember and that night I was taking a walk around chicago road and when I got home it was on the news and I thought wow I could have been its late night snack
The liger was under a pine tree on chicago road and I forget what year ? Maybe 1997? I recorded the news and since then I can not find my vas with it wish I had it.

04/24/13 @ 13:32

In response to: Poodles. I don't get it.

Comment from: Terri [Visitor]

I would have NEVER considered having a poodle as a pet. I have owned dogs my whole life, that has spanned over many decades.
My close friend past away 16 months ago and I took his 6 year old poodle. This dog is the most amazing dog I have ever owned, he is unbelievably smart.
How can you comment on something you obviously know nothing about. That’s one stupid person, at least the poodle has more brains than that….

04/20/13 @ 01:43

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Comment from: Rachael [Visitor]

Very True. I like it. I feel like Dumbledore would say something like this.

04/05/13 @ 09:56

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Comment from: Rachael [Visitor]

I am surprised you went with this one as the other memorable line was quite awesome.

04/05/13 @ 09:55

In response to: Top 5 Movies: About Getting/Being Dumped

Comment from: Duygu [Visitor]

1) Under The Tuscan Sun
2) I’m Juli
3) La Finastra Di Fronte
4) My Neighbor Totoro
5) After Sunset

01/05/13 @ 18:55

In response to: As Simple As Snow Clues

Comment from: Coco Nutt [Visitor]
Coco Nutt

read the book; skimmed some of it.
these clues make no sense to me. anna probably went to alaska because of the whole map alignment thing in the book, and because it is ref’d multiple times in the book. mr. devon is perhaps aware, hence his lying to G “narrator", or gregory, the author.

10/31/12 @ 02:42

In response to: 2007 Penner-Ash Oregon Syrah

Comment from: alison [Visitor]

i hope i get to try it soon!!

09/26/12 @ 12:04

In response to: Qdoba Rewards Card (scandal?)

Comment from: Deborah DeBoer [Visitor]
Deborah DeBoer

how do I void the previous registration so I can get a new card? We go to Qdoba @ least once a week and I lost my card about a year ago. I have my own email now and tried to get a new one. Now I understand why I couldn’t get one. I hope with this email I can know get another card.

08/04/12 @ 12:12

In response to: Poodles. I don't get it.

Comment from: cheryl [Visitor]

I think poodles are stupid dogs too, I worked with a girl who had 5 of them, they were ok on the grooming table, and they are not agressive, but they are not intellegent. they chew many things, wreck many things, of all the dogs I have seen, and I even have a dog of my own, poodles are to me the worst dogs ever, and the cuts are old school, a past tense thing from the 80’s. I agree they are ugly, cut them down and they look like their legs are too small to hold their bodies, and their heads have a big knotty bone on the top, their noses are too long, too each their own, but I agree they are ugly.

07/15/12 @ 22:29

In response to: Poodles. I don't get it.

Comment from: cat lady [Visitor]
cat lady

bullshit man, complete and utter bullshit. poodles are really friendly, you are a wanker, and how would you like it if someone wrote all over the internet about how ugly and uncute they thought you were?
poodles are the sencond smartest dog in the world and they are way better than some of the other breeds. and so what if their hair looks a bit l=silly? my friend has curly hair, but i don’t bitch about her!

so turn your computer off you ignorant little shit.

03/16/12 @ 17:14

In response to: Braised Short Ribs

Comment from: Rachael [Visitor]


10/27/11 @ 15:26

In response to: Poodles. I don't get it.

Comment from: Evelyn [Visitor]

I have had two poodles one lived to be 14 years and the other is sitting right here with me. Clearly i am a poodle lover, and since i have experience with poodles lemme tell you they are not mean very lovable and cute. For my baby i keep her hair cut very short, so how they wear their hair depends on how you want it. If you want it all frou-frou then so be it your pet your decision. I do not think i take the things these non-poodle lovers said seriously. They are only opionions and everybody is entitled to have one whether you agree with it or not. But i will say that i love my poodle breed and i intend to get more in the future, and if i come across somebody that says they do not like poodles and they are ugly i will inform them that they are not ugly they are cute smart and very lovable and frankly her opionion does not mean much to me, because i will NOT change my mind about poodles and trust and believe i will keep it moving. Lastly if you read someones post and whether you agree or disagree if you dont have anything nice to say then dont say anything at all.

10/20/11 @ 13:46

In response to: Poodles. I don't get it.

Comment from: Evelyn [Visitor]  

My former dog was a poodle and he lived to be about 14 and i loved him, he was not mean at all. My current dog is a poodle and i love her as well and she is not mean. I think everyone is intitled to their opionion and intitled to get and love the dog that they want to love. I am clearly a poodle lover, i cant deny that, but I agree with Ms. Cupcake if you dont have anything nice to say then dont say anything at all.

10/20/11 @ 13:22

In response to: As Simple As Snow Clues

Comment from: Isabella [Visitor]

Umm I’m thinking about the whole G– thing, you know about the no-name-for-narrator and I think that the G– is actually Gregory Galloway. Because the syllables match and you know G– instead for GG. Also in the first clue the number 4 pops up many times. Any hints anyone?

10/14/11 @ 12:55

In response to: Nobu - Dallas, TX

Comment from: Beth [Visitor]

My my my, interesting stuff for you to try!

10/11/11 @ 18:42

In response to: Poodles. I don't get it.

Comment from: Miss Cupcake [Visitor]
Miss Cupcake

You people are ridiculous.

Seriously, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion and if you don’t like it, don’t read it.

Victoria, you ARE stupid because you cannot even spell “you are” or people for that matter. Also, A LOT is two words. It is people like you, those who lack basic English skills, who need to “get a life", learn to write better than a fifth grader, or “get hit by a really big bus.”

Reading these comments makes me sad for the world as so many people cannot even write coherent retorts….

10/11/11 @ 15:06